Creative Food Education for SPHE & Beyond


Making Healthy Eating possible everyday through a holistic cross contextual approach to SPHE. This course is packed with trust worthy, quality and relevant resources, projects and activities as well as frameworks & toolkits which will allow you to achieve the Healthy Schools Flag in one year.

  • Core Subject: SPHE
  • Strand: Myself
  • Strand Unit: Taking Care of My Body – Food & Nutrition
  • Cross curricular Links : Multiple
  • Class Group Suitability : Whole School
  • Course Type : Online


Foodoppi is proud to present a highly creative and Department of Education and Skills approved summer course for primary school teachers focusing on a themed cross contextual approach to the SPHE curriculum.

This summer course is perfect if you have an interest in food or would to learn how to make small, incremental changes to your school community that will change how children view food and encourage them to chose better foods and ultimately tackle the global childhood obesity crisis in your school.

The core purpose of this CPD summer course is to make nutrition, food and eating well accessible to all.

Course Content


There are 5 modules in this course each of 4 hour duration  – 2 hours online and 2 hours offline. The course contain a mixture of lesson plans, classroom activities, videos, templates, policy and planning documents all aligned with the NCCA and Department of Education & Science guidelines.

Outline of 5 Modules:

  1. How To Become A Health Promoting School.
  2. Making Food Education Cross Curricular.
  3. Making Practical Work Easy, Fun and Successful in the Classroom.
  4. Understanding the Department of Health Promotion’s Healthy Food For Life Resources for SPHE.
  5. Create Your Own Portfolio of Creative Cross-Curricular Food Education Resources (ideal for multi-grade & multiple intelligences).

This fun, skills based course allows you to take/use food and nutrition outside SPHE and make the relevant, interesting and positive through all the subjects on the curriculum.

This course is packed with trust worthy, quality and relevant resources, projects and activities as well as frameworks & toolkits that will improve the learning ability and overall health and wellbeing of our children.

We appreciate doing practical work in a full and busy classroom is daunting and off putting but with our simple risk assessment, top tips, behavioural tips and real life experience we will have you and your students learning about and through few through some simple but impactful hands on activities in the classroom. All of these are supported by a full suite of desk based activities that are cross curricular and linked to at least 2 other areas of the curriculum.


These include  themed content, video resources, lesson plans, sample projects, referenced materials and other resources and downloadables to use in the classroom.

They are created to be adaptable for multigrade settings and learners with different learning styles.

Throughout this online, self paced course you will become confident and competence to position yourself as SPHE co-ordinator or health promoting school co-ordinator and take on roles like developing action plans and healthy eating policies within the school community.

This course shows you how to break down and understand the Dept of education health promoting school framework and make it achievable and successful over the academic year .

It also teaches you about the new 2016 food pyramid and explains the guidelines with lots of fun, practical tips an ideas for the classroom.  for bringing healthy eating into the classrooms and lunchboxes and homes and minds of your students.

More Details

Foodoppi delivers impartial, authoritative and evidence based education programme on food and nutrition.

The core purpose of this CPD summer course is to make nutrition, food and eating well accessible to all working with an extensive network of contacts, resources, departments within the school community.

This is an exciting, skills based, fun filled course which uses food and educational tools to not only facilitate contextual learning and core competencies but to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our children.

Would you like to be responsible for launching an effective, exciting and educational wellbeing initiative in your school that will ultimately improve the health and happiness of your students?

Our unique and innovative summer course will allow you to acquire the skill set to do so and make a real impact to your school community.

Join the Foodoppi Food Movement today.

This highly creative course will appeal to teachers of all levels of experience, who may be a little apprehensive about food in the classroom as it provides them with a a tool kit/arsenal of new skills and original creative resources to enhance the learning of their students through the delivery of food education in an accessible, resourceful, innovative, fun way.

In addition to this teachers will engage with a variety of new approaches for delivery of food and nutrition through the SPHE curricula.

Our online, self paced course allows teachers to practise and hone their skills and build their confidence as this course exposes you to a new and innovative cross contextual view of food.

A highly interactive web based course, a new dynamic and exiting learning experience awaits you. The course includes themed content, video resources, lesson plans, sample projects, referenced materials and other resources and downloadables to use in the classroom.

Interactions and discussions are all part of the in course chat forum and communication tools as part of this course.

This online summer courses which is worth 3 days EPV, is aimed at primary school teachers who are interested in getting new ideas about teaching science in an accessible, resourceful and fun manner and who would like to lean about embracing a creative approach to learning.

Learning Outcomes / Course Objectives

  1. Empower teachers with creative knowledge and confidence to use food as an educational tool in a cross curricular manner integrated into the SPHE curriculum.
  2. To provide tools and strategies on how to integrate SPHE (food and nutrition) in a cross contextual way and make it relevant to the whole curriculum as well as engaging students in a fun and exciting manner.
  3. Enable teachers to build a tool kit of new ideas, approaches and resources for the SPHE curricula including integrated and varied approaches to delivery to suit all multiple intelligences.
  4. Inspire an interest in food and health and wellbeing and nurture positive relationships with food in an attempt to tackle childhood obesity in a proactive manner.
  5. To provide teachers with a better understanding of how to communicate and teach food education in a new and exciting way that also encourages experiential learning and collaborative project based learning as a new strategy in their teaching arsenal.
  6. Assist participants in the planning and implementation process of achieving a Healthy Schools status and awards. ( this includes enabling participants to design school policies such as healthy eating weeks, school lunch policies, etc )
  7. Enable participants to design food centric themed schemes and individual lesson plans.
  8. Ensure all content and projects are underpinned with solid literacy and numeracy activities.
  9. Excite and inspire teachers to pass it on to the students about the endless career opportunities within the food sectors in Ireland.
    Applying creative reflective and evaluative practices uses by scientists to teachers individual professional practices and to school self evaluation.


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