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Getting Children To Eat Well Is One Of The Biggest Challenges Parents Face.

A common problem is fussy eating with about 50% of children developing it at some stage. Fussy eating is a very broad term and falls into two main categories problem and picky eaters.

Problem Eaters

Have a restricted variety of foods usually consuming 20 or less. They drop foods they once ate without adding them back into their diet. They become upset when new foods are presented to them often refusing entire nutrition food groups or textures. Problem eaters usually eat different foods than the family and commonly eats alone.

Picky Eaters

Have a decreased variety of foods but will eat more then 30 types of food. They will allow new foods on their plate without becoming distressed. They eat one or more foods from different nutrition food groups or textures and are comfortable eating with the family but often eats different foods than the family.

Foodoppi is here to help. We understand your problems tackling fussy eating and offer solutions with expert advice. We work with families hosting live masterclasses, online courses, webinars and 1:1 online private consultations. Helping to bringing harmony back to the home.