2017 Food Trends

So I have searched the globe, travelled, read and talked to our in house team of culinary experts  and I think I have figured out some of the the top food trends coming up for 2017.

Wanna be ahead of the crowd and know what cool foods you should be putting on your instagram or popping in your lunchbox – well we have you covered!!


I think pasta is on the way back. Although healthy eating is still so trendy a little real Italian pasta is going to be good for the soul in 2017.
Pasta - Schriftzug aus gekochten Spaghetti-Nudeln


2017 is officially going to be the year of the vegetable. I think they are set to take over the world. Im not even messing!!!

Don’t worry – we here at Foodoppi have got you covered!

I promise we will never try and convince you to eat a soggy carrot or smelly cabbage. YUK

Think yummy cheese and onion burgers or our Buffalo Turkey Lollipops.

foodoppi turkey lollipops with buffalo hot sauce


We make vegetables so cool you don’t even know your eating them half the timeMaybe 2017 we’ll try lasagne or mac n cheese.


Kale – that green curly leaf that everyone was putting on smoothies and juices and eating all the time is no longer the trendiest food on the planet – nope – now its seaweed!!

Yes that stuff you trip over everytime you go to beach. Supposedly, it’s super good for you and adds lovely flavour to soups and stews and things. We are very lucky because Ireland is an island –  we are surrounded by water so we have lots and lots of seaweed. Maybe don’t just go eating random bits you find on the beech – buy proper cleaned and dried seaweed that is safe.


Credit: Joanna Kosinska

Purple is the new Green

“Eat Your Greens” was the quote of 2016.

Well not any more honey – its all about purple  – purple potatoes, purple cabbage, purple cauliflower, purple carrots!! Who Knew !!



Fancy Flavour Popcorn is the only way to go for a kinda healthy snack in 2017. There are some very cool flavour combo’s out there – such as Sweet and Salty, Sweet Coconut and Vanilla, Smooth Almond Butter and Twisted Honeycomb.


Food in Bowls

Unless your food is in bowl it will not be cool in 2017. I’m talking Buddha Bowls & Poke Bowls! Never heard of ‘em  – never fear neither did we up until like 5 minutes ago.

I am seeing some advantages of eating from a bowl –  we are less likely t o splatter our food on our phone now and I think from a psychologically point of view you will be better at mindfulness. You’ll feel a full a lot faster, and be able to savor all the flavors and textures with every bite. What’s not to like?

Ok so heres the down low –

Buddha Bowls are super healthy. They are sometimes called hippie bowls. They have lots of greens and salads, with raw of roast vegetables and then either beans ( no not heinz or bachelors baked beans ) and a grain like brown rice of this quinoa stuff everyone has been talking about. Then its topped with seeds and nuts and dressing.


Credit: Danielle Macinnes

Poke Bowls – The other bowl of 2017 is the Poke bowl. This comes from Hawaii. Polynesian foods is the hottest trend – think the new Moana Movie. Poke bowls have raw cubed fish like salmon and tuna marinated with lime, soy and sesame with eaten with salads  and rice in these bowls.

Smoothie Bowls – its is exactly what it says – a smoothie is a bowl, topped with fruit, berries, nuts and seeds. This will be all over your social media feed next year.


Credit: Sambazon


Ok so we have heard of Brunch right – this is breakfast and lunch mixed together – so its kinda like eating breakfast at lunch time.

But wait, there’s a new one – Brunchfast. This means eating more lunch or dinner time foods at breakfast and it still being ok. Im not so sure about this one. It is things like a bacon and egg muffin with with a piece of crispy chicken inside or crispy chorizo and fried potatoes served with your scrambled eggs.


Credit: Ali Inay


Soup is going to be big business for 2017. But it comes with an Asian influence – Laksa chicken is a noodle and coconut milk based soup or a more Chinese style soup which is like a clear broth with dumplings floating in it.


Credit: Henrique Felix




Cauliflower Rice and Zoodles

OK, let me explain. Instead of eating rice all the time maybe every now and again you could swap it our for some cauliflower rice. So you take some cauliflower – pop it in a food processor and blitz it and it turn out like little grains of rice. This you can boil it for 2 mins, or steam it, or fry it and serve it with your chicken curry. It does taste a tiny bit different but when you have lots of yummy curry sauce over the top you don’t even notice.

Now to zoodles ( zucchini noodles ). In Ireland we call  zucchini courgettes  – these are long green vegetables that look like cucumbers. Now I know lots of you follow us on snapchat and have seen us make them so many times. You can make them using a spiralizer or buy them for less than €2 in every supermarket now.

Courgette sprialized / Spiralized courgette on a wooden background.

I eat them sometimes instead of noodles with my stir-fry of instead of pasta with my meatballs.

Or great idea – starting off –  go half & half.

So yummy – give them a try.


No longer is Vegan of vegetarian the trend but 2017 will be the year of the Flexitarian.


Ok lets take a step back –  so we know a carnivore ( in dinosaur land think – Tyrannosaurus rex ) is someone who eats meat  – a lot !

A vegetarian or herbivore ( dinosaurs such as brachiosaurus & triceratops) are someone who eats only vegetables – a lot.

An omnivore (in dino terms not too many but Ornithomimus or Oviraptor) is someone who eats meat and vegetables.


Now there is a new one for 2017 – Flexitarian which really simply means  you try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and beans and grains as much as possible but every now and again you love nothing more than some crispy chicken or a shepherds pie or fish fingers.

Drone Delievery

I know we covered this one a few weeks ago but Drone Delivery is going to be big in 2017.

Domino’s New Zealand has a pizza delivery drone. 7-Elevan has Slurpee delivery drones. Google has drones delivering Chipotle burritos on the Virginia Tech campus. Looks like the food delivery bicycle is no longer a weapon of choice. In the upcoming food delivery war, flying food delivery is the only way to go!


Epic Milkshakes

These epic shakes or freak shakes are all the rage everywhere from Australia to London and New York to Dublin. They are a cross between the  ultimate milkshake and ultimate ice cream sundae. There is one place in Ireland to get them and that is Sweet Republic on Bachelors Walk in Dublin. These are insane, over the top, towering milkshakes loaded with sweets, chocolate sauce, cream, sprinkles-you name it. They need to come with a health warning really because they are as insanely unhealthy as they look. This is definitely a once a year type treat!

Credit: Sweet Republic

Credit: Sweet Republic









Cover Image Credit : Sweet Republic, Dublin