5 Things Animals Can Teach Your Kids About Healthy Eating

The Secret Life of Pets is one of my favourite movies !!

secret life of pets main image

Duke and Max  – epic BBF’s and my ultimate favourite was Gidget (a white pomeranian).  So cute and fun but strong, determined and fierce when she had to be !!

secret life of pets cat eat chicken

It got me thinking – can we learn anything from our pets about eating?

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Random right?, Well here are my thoughts!

Yes !

Make Like a Japanese Macaque And Wash Your Food

The Japanese Macaque are more civilised than your average monkey and insist on washing their food before they eat it.

Get this, an experiment was done once where the monkeys were having dinner on the beach. They love sweet potato so they were having some of that. Yum Yum.But before they would eat it, the female brought it down to the ocean and began to wash it. All the other macaques did the same too. Not only does the sea water wash and clean the vegetable but it also adds some seasoning from the salt!! So smart. So next time you reach for an apple or strawberry always remember to wash it first!

macaque and sweet potato

How’ Ya Nelly…..

Nelly the Elephant loves nothing more than spending her days munching on the bark of trees. Like I am talking hours!!!  She loves the fibre – its keeps her full and helps her digestion ( you know  – do her poo !!) ( last time I checked they were pretty huge  so i reckon she needs all the help she can get !! )

So the next time you feel like a snack try and choose something with the skin on like an apple or a pear or a plum. Or maybe potatoes with the skins on – a baked potato would be a great idea.

P.S – I know elephants probably don’t eat them but raspberries are also loaded with fibre.

Channel Your Inner Squirrel And Have A Little Maple Syrup

As we all know squirrels gather nuts and grains in summer for the winter. What you might not have know is they also gather maple syrup. Maple syrup is the sap from the inside of the Canadian Maple Tree. The red squirrel bites into the side of the tree, makes holes in the bark and allows the sap to drip out. He then lets it dry on the tree and goes back in winter and licks it for an energy boost. How cool!

So heres what I’m thinking – next time you are about to use some sugar, try and swap it out for maple syrup. Maybe like on your weetabix or on your porridge or when you are baking. Maple syrup still has pretty much the same calories as sugar but it is thought to be better because of the trace minerals in it.

It has to be the PURE MAPLE SYRUP – unrefined and as unprocessed as possible.

If you are in the shops look at the label and make sure it says “100% pure maple syrup” or “Grade A pure maple syrup”.

Channel Your Inner Squirrel

Act Like A Puppy and Try Everything Once

Puppies are filled with fun and excitement and love trying new things. Fagan – our Foodoppi dog is so adventurous. Check him out here in our Dare To Dine Videos.

He tries everything once and if he doesn’t like he just spits it out! Be polite if you have to do this but go for it. Give it a go – what’s the worse that can happen. YOLO !

Gone Fishin’……..

Brown Bears love nothing better than a spot of fishing. They are excellent at it – they stand in the lake and fish using their paws or their mouth. They love salmon, like one of their fav’s! So why not suggest some salmon for dinner this week, just remember try not to growl or snarl too much.