A Chocolate Holiday

Need a Holiday Over Mid Term Break – why not convince your parents to go on a Chocolate Holiday.

Yes, you heard right a chocolate holiday.

We all love holidays, we all love chocolate ( as a treat every now and again – not every day! ) so this is like a dream right?


Chocolate originally came from South and Central America and was linked to the Aztec and Mayan tribes.

It is made from fermenting, roasting and grinding down little cocoa beans to make chocolate.


Lets take a look at some of the coolest chocolate holiday spots in the world!


A Chocolate Hotel  – in Bournemouth in the UK

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel  is a livable in Choc Fest which has cocoa themed rooms, chocolate themed menus and chocolate fountains. You can join their resident chocolatier in the kitchen and conjuring up scrumdiddlyumptious treats at the chocolate workshops or maybe a chocolate portrait painting or even make shoes from chocolate.


A Chocolate Box Village – Bruge in Brussels

This little town is called a chocolate box village because it looks so cute and perfect and like something from a fairytale. The even better news is there are amazing little chocolate shops on every street corner filled with delicious treats. Any guess what the easiest way to convince your parents to go – tell them their is
a museum !

A chocolate museum – wohoo!!!


A Real Life Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory ( almost )

There is a place in Switzerland called The Maison Cailler where you learn how to make your own chocolate from scratch, indulge in a chocolate cafe and there is even a chocolate cinema.



The Chocolate Lovers Dream – Capilla Bay, St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of those beautiful white sandy beach dream holiday destinations but now it just got a little bit better – this hotel’s entire menu for Chocolate Heritage Month is nothing but chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Check this out!

Morning: Cocoa French toast (with banana preserve), pumpkin crepes, chocolate mousse (with candied walnuts), cocoa nib granola.

Lunch: Sample cocoa snacks such as cocoa goat cheese, cocoa salsa (with plantain chips), sugar cane skewered beef with cocoa BBQ sauce.

Evening: Seared scallops with hazelnut cocoa sauce, white chocolate mini-pop (with passionfruit), pan seared duck breast with cocoa-miso marinade, and chocolate device with toasted almond crust and coffee foam.”


If you decide to stay in Ireland there is always the delicious Butlers Chocolate Experience. You get to go to a real life chocolate factory and see the different types of chocolate and how their chocoalates are made. You even get a chance to make your own chocolate creation.