About Foodoppi

 We designed Foodoppi to engage the scientific and the creative minds of children

Our mission is simple – to surprise and delight children with a new way of learning through food and STEM.

Aisling Larkin & Louise Lennox

Foodoppi turns food and science into multi-sensory, hands on learning experiences that can be created, touched and tasted. These hands-on, maker projects allow our future generations to explore food, cooking, STEM and craft projects in a modern and innovative way. We also provide activity guides, tutorial videos and lots of tips and tricks to support you the parent in this inquiry based learning fun at home .

Foodoppi brings abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands on approach that really engages children and allow them to develop critical skills. Our passion lies in getting children to thinking about things different, make connections with old and new ideas and find creative solutions all while having fun.

Our educational experts create and design the activities to ensure they are engaging and valuable by linking them to the school curriculum, while our food and science experts devise the recipes and experiments to make sure all are scientifically accurate and taste delicious so that kids will love them.

We have a team of children who then test our recipes and projects and give us lots of honest feedback !!

We empower and excite children by making other concepts and subject areas tangible, interesting and exciting for children so they want to learn and discover more.

Think about what makes your child come alive  – the challenges (thinking, making, doing), the little wins, and then that confidence and self belief that  comes where they believe they can go on and achieve anything.

Give them that, Give them Foodoopi.

With deliciousness and fun,

Aisling Larkin & Louise Lennox

Learn a little more about the Experts behind Foodoppi

Aisling Larkin

Aisling Larkin

Aisling Larkin in a children’s food and science specialist and co-founder of Foodoppi.  With over a decade of experience in designing and creating food for children Aisling has honed her skills and creativity in the food education world with her natural flair for recipe creation & food styling for children.

Aisling appears as a regular contributor to TV3’s ‘Six O Clock Show’ as well as showcasing Foodoppi’s unique take on Molecular Gastronomy on radio shows like the  RTE ‘Radio One Ray D’arcy Show,’ ‘Spin 103.8’ and contributing to many more shows. Aisling’s recipes for Foodoppi are showcased on a number of media platforms including RTE digital, The Taste and a host of other traditional print media.

Over the last decade, Aisling has curated, devised, hosted and presented many live food workshop, events and experiences for different global brands and organisations. These events include The Taste of Dublin, The Theatre Food at Electric Picnic, The National Ploughing Championships and  The Food & Wine Christmas Show, Science Week and the St. Patricks Day Big Day Out Festival.. In addition to this as part of her role at Foodoppi Aisling, along with partner Louise developed an innovative online curriculum and e-learning programme to inspire children, parents and families to cooking the kitchen for the global Ben’s Beginners Campaign for Uncle Ben’s.

Aisling, along with Louise acted as an ambassador for the campaign also and their contributions helped drive the campaign metrics to record highs including over digital 7m digital impressions and over 800,000 video views.

Previous to Foodoppi, Aisling founded and ran The Academy for Junior Chefs, Ireland’s premier children’s’ cookery school at The Cliff at Lyons (formerly Village at Lyons) for the last number of years. Prior to this, in 2010 Aisling graduated from DIT with a 1.1 Masters of Science in Food Product Design and Culinary Innovation. As part of this programme Aisling undertook a piece of research to investigate “The Positive Impacts of Healthy Eating Policies on Post Primary Students” and excelled in subject areas like Gastronomy & Culture, Food Regulatory Affairs, Marketing Communications & Consumer Behaviour, Sensory Science Applications, Advance Molecular Gastronomy, Nutrition & Commercial Food Product R&D. Recently, Aisling has undertaken more  scientific training and development in some key areas of molecular gastronomy.

As part of her mission at Foodoppi Aisling is lobbying and liaising with government ministers in trying to get Food & STEM Education on the Irish primary school curriculum.

Aisling initially graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.Ed in Home Economics and taught in an inner city Dublin boys schools for a number of years. Here, Aisling really developed her deep rooted educational philosophies on creative education, experiential learning and growth mindsets. All of which now enables her to devise innovative teaching tools and strategies to uniquely combine food and science in such a manner that instils a life long love of learning in our future generations.

Louise Lennox

Louise Lennox is a leading chef, food writer, broadcaster, children’s food and science educator and the co-founder of Foodoppi.

She consults and works with many international brands on various food campaigns for television, digital and print media.

Louise began her career studying Culinary Arts at the renowned DIT Cathal Brugha Street, before studying Diet, Health and Nutrition at DIT Kevin Street in Dublin. Furthering her interest and passion for learning about the science of food, Louise has trained in Molecular Gastronomy and liquid nitrogen.

For the past twelve years, Louise has featured on many popular television and radio shows. She is best known as the bubbly pastry chef from the hit television series, The Restaurant. Louise co-hosted the RTÉ television’s children’s cookery series Pans on Fire, a weekly competition to find Ireland’s youngest and most talented chefs.

Louise believes in educating children from an early age about food and science. As part of her food movement, she spends a lot of time working with schools and teachers, promoting new and exciting ways to engage and teach children about food and S.T.E.A.M – science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Louise was a consultant and devised the food content for a children’s cookery show for RTÉ television, Grubz Up.

To encourage and build confidence when it comes to learning about food, Louise has been running workshops for both parents and children for more than a decade.

Louise contributed a regular feature to Food & Wine magazine for five years. Her delicious recipes and interesting articles are frequently published in national newspapers. Louise is also regularly invited to demonstrate her talents and dispense witty nuggets of gastronomical wisdom at live-event food festivals around the country.