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Aisling Larkin and Louise Lennox both share a passion for food, science and nutrition. In 2016 they decided it was time to join forces, and combine over thirty years of experience. Foodoppi was born. The name Foodoppi means ‘food learning’ in Finnish. In 2017 Foodoppi was one of 10 companies selected from thousands across Europe to further develop their food education program in Finland, who are the world leaders in education.

Since Foodoppi’s inception, Aisling and Louise have developed food and science courses for The Department Of Education, to help bring food literacy into the classroom. They have worked directly with schools across Ireland teaching children how to eat and engage with food in a positive manner.

Aisling and Louise are two of Ireland’s well known and valued food media broadcasters who regularly contribute to live tv shows, radio interviews, podcasts and various forms of digital and print media sharing their expertise and advice on areas of family feeding

Outside of the classroom Foodoppi began to help parents who were experiencing difficulties in getting their children to eat. As two busy mothers themselves with young children, Aisling and Louise could identify with the pains of modern family life. Louise experienced first-hand what the stresses and problems living with a fussy eating child can bring and impact on the child’s well-being. In order to expand their knowledge in this area, they travelled to America and trained at The Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas.

Helping you understand the science of eating

With a proven method that is backed with scientific evidence, Foodoppi has a new approach to food and nutrition that has been recognised in Ireland and overseas. Helping families to conquer real food eating issues, this programme is easy to implement, so that even the most picky and fussiest of eaters can relearn how to eat and try new foods. Aisling and Louise believe that parents know their children best, and they want you to become an expert in feeding your child.

Foodoppi works with families offering live masterclasses, online courses, webinars and 1:1 online private consultation.

Eating is one of the most complex processes our body undertakes. It uses our muscles, our organs and our sense. As well as this much of our behaviour around food is learned. Food preferences and our relationship with food is a complex area; however by taking this first step and acknowledging that food preferences can be changed and developed, we can begin to approach eating in a whole new light. As parents we need to learn new habits and skills, new norms to raise happy, healthy eaters, relearning the art and science of eating.

Aisling Larkin - Foodoppi

Aisling Larkin


Aisling Larkin is co-founder at Foodoppi, tv chef, busy mum of 3, food media broadcaster, feeding and mindful eating coach.

Aisling appears each week on Virgin Media One’s Six O Clock Show teaching the nation her creative and functional & umami filled family friendly recipes.

With a masters in food product development Aisling knows how to design recipes that are realistic for busy parents, nourishing for the family, accepted and even loved by children.

On completing her training in feeding therapy Aisling now uses this knowledge and expertise to create everyday strategies and tips to make mealtimes happier.

Aisling graduated with a Bachelors of Education degree from Trinity College Dublin and this background in education has led her to have a deep interest in global educational models and to this end in 2018 Aisling commuted over and back to Finland to participate in an educational programme within the University of Helsinki. Finland are world leaders in education and food education so where better to go and learn from. While here, Aisling met with Minsters of Food Education, government agencies and Dean of Education at the university of Helsinki to really deep dive into their cultural and social norms around food and education.

Aisling continually promotes philosophies of conscious and creative learning along with encouraging a growth mindset for all. As part of Aisling’s role at Foodoppi she designs and develops online food & mindful eating education teacher training for the Department of Education’s summer courses programmes.
Aisling is a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland and Eurotoques and has worked with many international brands on various food campaigns for television, digital and print media.

Having founded and ran her cookery school at the Cliff at Lyons (formerly the Village at Lyons) , spoken and demonstrated at a most of Ireland’s top festivals and undergone training in molecular gastronomy in the UK Aisling has a passion for flavour and believes in a multi-sensory approach to food.

Louise Lennox - Foodoppi

Louise Lennox

Louise Lennox is one of Ireland’s leading chefs, broadcasters, food writers, and is the co-founder of Foodoppi. Having featured in many popular television and radio shows for over 15 years, she is best known as the chef who is “full of personality” from the hit television series, The Restaurant.

Her career began studying Culinary Arts at the renowned DIT Cathal Brugha Street, she has trained in Molecular Gastronomy cookery then later received a distinction in Diet, Health and Nutrition at DIT Kevin Street in Dublin. Furthering her interest in the science of food and how we eat, Louise wrote and preformed her first stage show “Eat your Science“ to rave reviews. Working with international food brands, Louise consults on various campaigns for television, digital and print media.

Following her passion and personal battle with her young son Alex’s food aversions and problem eating, Louise travelled to American and trained as a children’s feeding therapist focusing on the science and phycology of “how to encourage children to eat”.

Part of Louise’s mission at Foodoppi is to make food education a global reality and to help parents change children’s food eating habits for a lifetime.