Why Foodoppi for Your Child

foodoppi kids tasting food

Foodoppi is solving two problems for parents all over the globe – performance in the sciences and getting children to form life long positive relationships with food.
Our goal is to foster an interest in the sciences through food and to begin the conversation on healthier eating. We hope to better educate students on how their food is made and healthier options they can pursue, as we believe that any change in our future generations eating habits must begin in childhood.

  • We believe each child has their own set of intelligences and that coupled with a love of experimenting and that is why Foodoppi gives children an edge in life.
  • We get children engaging with science and STEM through food with a creative, fun and delicious twist.
  • We have a huge focus on cross contextual learning and love to encourage self directed education.

Children play to have fun, not to deliberately educate themselves. At Foodoppi we create this desire to learn more and understand through curiosity, playfulness and sociability. We bring them on a journey of play and exploration. As they figure things out and problem solve they to go through this process of learning.

This sparks in kids the motivation and confidence to work hard in understanding and persevering in looking for solutions to the challenge.

On making and creating something with their own hands they experience a real sense of pride and achievement which gives them the self-belief needed to succeed at anything. We are giving them a new learning mindset.

Moreover, they learn about food by experiencing it with the five senses and they love it!

We are starting conversations for parents with there children about food and children are becoming the catalysts for change – they are bringing home these new inspirations and sharing what they have learned with their parents for them to learn too.

We tackle Food Neophobia (fear of new foods) with realism. We understand children need a period of time to for acceptance of new habits and taste preferences.

Our recipes are innovative, trendy, colourful, and styled just for kids.

For the older ones, the tweens this is the kind of food they see on social media, they want to share this tuff on social media. It is healthier versions of the food they see on their kind of restaurant menus.

We present healthy foods in a positive social context and create an atmosphere of fun, excitement, reassurance, kindness and positive reinforcement.