Blackberry & Lemon Water

So Refreshing

foodoppi blackberry and lemon water

Heat wave you say !!!! Wohoo

Let’s all stay hydrated!

Try my Blackberry & Lemon Water
So easy & kids love it.


When I had the cookery school every morning we would make up big batches of flavored water – pomegranate & orange was another huge hit for my students!


With fun & deliciousness,


What You'll Need

1.5L tap or sparkling water
10 blackberries
1 lemon cut into slices
Few sprigs of mint



Big Spoon

How to Do It

Let's Muddle

  1. 1Pop the blackberries into the jug first & then squish them a little.
    Give each piece of lemon a little squeeze as it goes in .
    Top with water & ice.
    Chill & serve as needed.

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