Canada’s New Food Guide

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”


“Eat whatever you want, just cook it yourself “

These very simple prescriptions are brought to us by Michael Pollen (professor, author, activist & journalist) who has been investigating and tackling the food problem of the modern world for several decades now.

These are inline with our core philosophies here at Foodoppi. We cut through the confusion, give clear and simple messages and ultimately bring it back to basics.

The new Canada Food Guide was launched in January 2019 and it too follows simple and clear guidelines that are meant to act as precisely that, a guide for how we should eat for optimal health and wellbeing.

The new food guide focuses not only on WHAT we eat but HOW we eat.

Canada's food guide by foodoppi

Some noticeable changes include :

  • No more pyramid or rainbow  – it is now a plate. The plate analogy is supposed to be more intuitive than a specific list of foods and serving sizes.
  • No more potion sizes just proportions. Canadians are advised to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with starches or grains and a quarter with protein.
  • No individual dairy food group recommendation ( now combined into protein food group)
  • Fruit juice is no longer counts as a serving of fruit and veg.

Other simple and important messages include :

  • Eat a variety of healthy foods
  • Limit highly processed foods
  • Make water your drink of choice.
  • Choose whole-grains where possible
  • Try to make protein plant based where possible.
  • Choose healthy unsaturated ( MUFA’s & PUFA’s ) fats in the place of saturated fat


Then comes the HOW TO EAT guidelines

These are so simple, you wonder why we need to be reminded of them but in fact with busy lives and so many changes to our daily lifestyle we do need to hear this every now and again.

  • Cook more often
  • Eat meals with others
  • Enjoy your food
  • Pay attention to food labels
  • Be aware of food marketing that can influence food choices
  • Be mindful –  take your time to eat and notice when you are hungry and full


This somewhat revolutionary advice is something we have been advising since we began Foodooppi.

There is much scientific evidence to support these nuggets of simple wisdom.

Researchers have found that eating family meals together can result in fewer medical conditions and healthier body weight for youth, have a positive impact on children’s intellectual and emotional development and contribute to lower rates of depression, anxiety and bullying in teens.

More research has found that no matter what you whip up for dinner homecooking beats takeaways and prepackaged meals in terms of healthfulness.  And as we always say involve your kids in the process, by teaching them how to feed themselves today you are teaching them well, for life.

I know, as do most, that cooking from scratch and preparing homemade, well balanced, nutritious dinner takes foresight, planning, preparation and time to execute but hopefully with all our recipes we showcase here and in the media we can give you some inspiration and top tips to help and guide you.

Ultimately, Canada’s new food guide can be really useful to all of us . It is a good starting point for all of us to start thinking about how to have a positive relationship with food and take small sustainable steps to getting there.

With fun and deliciousness,