Chicken & Pineapple Bites

Chicken Pineapple Lunchbox Bites

Chicken Pineapple Lunchbox Bites


As feeding therapists we know that sometimes food can be intimidating for children for a number of reasons. Here are Foodoppi we like to take that fear away and make food FUN and DELICIOUS !

There are lots of little tricks we can do to make food less intimidating, more inviting and way more fun for kids!!!

This recipe is the perfect example of that.

  • Smaller portion sizes look cuter, more manageable and less scary let’s be honest.
  • Children love eating with their hands.
  • Eating from sticks = FUN !
  • They are easier to handle and allow children of all ages to be independent eaters (no adult cutting big pieces of meat up for them).
  • Some children are very particular about “contamination” one food touching off another or sauces can be a big no -no ! By involving the children in the process of buying these skewers they are on control.  Encourage them to take on preferred food and one new and interesting food.
  • Put a sauce on the side as a fun and optional dip.
  • By touching the food and becoming involved with the preparation on a sensory level the whole meal process becomes a multi-sensory eating experience. They become accustomed, adjusted and even accepting of the new smells, textures, shapes and flavours. Again this takes away the fear of the unknown or perhaps any preconceived notions about a certain food.
  • Colour is hugely important  –  red and yellow are two of the most appetitive evoking foods.
  • Combining savoury wth sweet is normally a winner for children ( not in all cases though! ) so this combo of pineapple is perfect.
  • Umami – the soy sauce glaze adds a layer of delicious umami flavour to this recipe making the flavour even more appealing and satisfying to children.
  • Customisable-  the recipe is fab as it can be customised  –  swap out the chicken for pork, swap the tomato for cucumber etc

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe and try it out as a snack or a lovely lunchbox surprise.

With fun and deliciousness,