Chocolate Fondue

A 2 – ingredient super simple chocolate sauce

chocolate fondue with fruits

Easy chocolate sauce with just two ingredients and has lots of uses – 


200g chocolate – broken into small pieces

50mls cold water


In a microwavable bowl add in 1/2 of the chocolate and the water. 

Melt for 1 minute in microwave on full power then stir in the remaining chocolate and mix until completely melted.

Can be made into hot chocolate – add hot frothed milk

Chocolate milkshake mixed in ice cream and cold milk

Chocolate sauce drizzled over ice cream, 

Topping or glaze for a cake or cupcakes

Chocolate cream –  add to 200mls of double cream and whip until soft peaked. chocolate cream a delicious filling for meringues and 

Chocolate fondue – chopped up fruit