Coolest Christmas Gift List Ever

So, there is like less than 3 weeks to Christmas and you still haven’t decided on exactly what you want and you defo don’t know what you are getting anyone else!

Now its starting to get tricky.

Ok, never panic – Foodoppi is here! We got you covered.

Here are some of our fav pic’s to sort you out this Christmas:

Unicorn Everything !!!



For Your Nan ( Best Lady in the World )

Tea-towels with a bit of swagger for your Nan!



Cool take out bowls for when you make your own amazing Fake-Aways

These bowls look like the classic takeaway cartons from those Chinese takeouts in all the movies but they are actually real!


#SquadGoal 2017 -Become the Ultimate Baker

Then you will need one of these –  a Drop Scales. This new, very cool weighing scales was invented by a young Irish guy Ben Harris who has now moved to the States .

So what does it do? Well the weighing scales connects to your iPad or iPhone, you download the app that has great recipes and food preparation at home becomes idiot-proof food.

Why? – because Drop automatically adjusts dishes and recipes based on the available ingredients.

So you only have half the butter you need – no worries!! Drop recalculates for you and away you go again!



Cuteness for Christmas

OMG – a customisable sticker mug or a very cool carton of milk pencil case for the new school year sounds just perfect.



Culinary Madness

This is the coolest chopping board I have ever seen!!




I hope I have given you some amazing inspiration for some great gift ideas !!!