Design Thinking for the Classroom

Design Thinking in the classroom is a fantastic strategy to get students working in new way which creates a more lateral thought process and gets them to develop inquiry and critical thinking skills. This is an great teaching toolkit to integrate into visual arts and science (STEM) projects.

design thinking, higher order thinking

Design Thinking as Pedagogy

Why Design Thinking is Good for the Classroom

  • Design Thinking projects can be primarily student driven and student led. Children are more engaged when they have automomy and independence and feel like a grown up.
  • They get to excercise their leadership ability and feel most comfortable learning as they will naturally gravitate towards using their strongest multiple intelligence. Ultimately, Design Thinking Projects allows them to explore where their natural abilities lie.
  • Children get an opportunity to explore and develop their inter and intra personal skills. It allows  for team work, colloboration and leadership skills to be exercised.
  • Students who use this design cycle thinking exhibit higher order thinking skills more than those who use traditional methods.
  • Building in lots of mini design challenges into the overall challenges along the way is key. This will maintain their interest throughout but also allow for the “little wins”.

Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is a STEM virtue.

While most scientists and engineers might be reluctant to admit that, and to accept the concept of STEAM (where A is for Art), I’ve witnessed that the best of the best are the most creative.


Design Thinking

Print of the Design Thinking Poster here for your Classroom:

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