Engineer an Egg Spaceship

A super simple 'Make & Create' project that introduces kids to concepts of design and engineering. Just print the template and you are ready to sky rocket.

make and do foodoppi space rocket engineering project

The aim of this design and making activity is to encourage the student to explore, develop and apply scientific ideas and concepts through designing and making activities.




Foodoppi 3-D Printable template

Coloured Card

Hard Boiled Egg


How to Do It

Simple Beginner Engineering Activity

  1. 1Download the printable.
  2. 2Allow them to cut out the printable.
    Follow the instructions for folding
  3. 3Assemble & glue where necessary.
    Be very proud - you and them !!
  4. 4Discover how far they can fly empty
    Place a hard boiled egg in the centre and investigate and observe what happens when it tries to launch and fly.


Egg Holder and Space Rocket - very cool!

Egg Spaceship Printable

Top Tips

  • Strong card is needed  – don’t try with paper, it doesn’t work.

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