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Speaking & Events

Aisling Larkin and Louise Lennox are a dynamic and vibrant team delivering engaging and relevant talks on the area of family food and feeding. Foodoppi can be found providing strategies and tips on national TV each week, as speakers at events and festivals and on radio and podcast interviews as well as in a wide variety of print media.
Foodoppi love to help parents delve into the relationship of food and feeding for their families providing evidence based solutions that can create real and long lasting positive change.

How It Works

Most families at some stage in their life-cycle experience stress and anxiety due to food issues. At one end of the spectrum over 25% of our children are over weight or obese and on the other hand 1 in 4 families experience feeding difficulties with problem ‘fussy’ feeders during childhood. As parents you want to know how to deal with these issues and feed your children for health & happiness.

t Foodoppi we explore common issues, listen to concerns and provide simple, yet effective strategies and tools for reducing anxiety and stress and creating positive impact on the lives of their audience.

This is not another nutrition demonstration – it is a new way of learning how to eat.

The Foodoppi Method focuses on food for families encompassing theories of physical, social and emotional wellness through food and feeding strategies. We offer group seminars & demonstrations, masterclasses, personal consultations to groups and employees all relating to their family food.
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Other Opportunities to Collaborate with Foodoppi

  • Digital content creation
  • Brand Collaborations
  • Broadcast & Media opportunities
  • Development of exclusive online food & wellness curriculums

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