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At this festive time of year between school plays, carol singing, last minute Kris Krindle it is all go!!! However if you are looking for a simple, fun and easy activity to do with the kids during one of those “down time” days this is quite possibly the ‘cheatiest’, simple Gingerbread House ever.  In fact it might be a bit cheeky calling it a Gingerbread House  – more like a Festive Hut really, but sure look if a stable was good enough for Mary and the baby Jesus then I think we are on a winner with this.

You will be happy with the less stress, less mess approach and the kids will be thrilled with the speedy activity with a delicious pay off!!

With fun and deliciousness,


What You'll Need

Makes 5

25 Biscuits ( butter biscuits, malted milk, nice ….. anything plain and rectangular)

300g icing sugar and splash of orange juice to bring to a runny consistency,


Festive sprinkles




How to Do It

Construction Time

  1. 1Make up the icing in a bowl by combing the icing sugar and orange juice.
  2. 2Place 3 biscuits on the bottom as the base of the house.
    Spread some icing along the 2 long edges.
  3. 3Pick up 2 more biscuits for the roof - spread some icing along the edges and stick together in a v shape .
    Then stick this to the icing sugar on the base.
  4. 4Be patient now!!! Sit and hold until the roof is secure and in place.
    Then spoon more icing sugar along the ridge of the roof and pop along a row of smarties.
  5. 5Drizzle some more icing down the sides and then sprinkle on the sprinkle.
    Ta da!!! A wonderfully simple Festive Hut

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