Fun Porridge Week

As the mornings get colder and darker we all want to have wholesome breakfast. Kids are definitely open to porridge but like us all they can get a bit bored with the monotony of the plain porridge.


These simple little ‘Food Art’ designs are brilliantly delicious and entertaining.

What a great way to get kids trying new foods & flavours and talking about Fun Facts linked to geography, history, biology etc


Day 1  Mr Teddy Bear

teddy bear porridge

Why not try some warm and healthy porridge topped with some banana, peanut butter and blueberries !

When cooked, drizzle with maple syrup.

To create the face: cut the banana in half – for the ears cut 2 long diagonal slices. Spead peanut butter on one.

For the eyes and nose cut 3 circles, cover one with peanut butter and top with blueberries.

Day 2 Mrs Monkey

For this happy little lady you will need:
1 bowl porridge
2 thin round slices of banana
1 big strawberry ( cut of the green and slice down in half)
2 medium strawberries – ( cut of the green, slice in half. use one point of the strawberry for the nose. Then cut out semi circle shapes for the eye brows and bottom of face)
7 blueberries – 2 for the eyes and 6 for the smiling mouth.


Day 3 Mr Owl

To recreate at home :
Bowl of porridge drizzled with honey ( honey and nuts go fab together)
For the eyes: Peel the kiwi and slice 2 circles from the centre is best.
For the wings: Cut the apple into 2 thin segments ( bit chunks of apples are not great)
For the eyebrows : 6 almonds ( these were left over from the nails of the Witches Fingers from Halloween )
Nose: 1 almond
For the Claws : 6 Cashews ( not salted ) or balanced almonds

Twit – Too……..


Day 4 Mrs Cat

fun porridge week

How to :
Make the porridge
Cut slices of apple long ways. Lay flat
From the 2 biggest central slices cut 4 triangles – 2 big and 2 small
From the smaller slice using a mini cookie cutter, cut out a little circle for the nose.
Pop 2 blueberries in for the eyes
Now for the tricky bit – the mouth and whiskers ( I am warning you in advance – you need time and patience for this bit ) – using the other round slices cut out 6 thin strips for whiskers and then the shape of the nose.

Day 5 Mr Koala

foodoppi food art porridge koala

To re-create this little guy at the weekend you will need :
2 squishy marshmallows for his big ears
1 cherry – destoned – for his nose
2 chocolate chips for his eyes 

Et Voila – Simple !



Just remember regardless of the perfection, your kids will love it !