Halloween Fruit Salad

So simple it just might work.

foodoppi halloween orange fruit salad

This little orange pumpkin guy is going to become your new best friend!

The whole idea behind this concept is the orange acts like a carved Halloween pumpkin and you fill it with a variety of small, chopped pieces of fresh fruit. Some of which the kids have tried before and others that are new to them or perhaps they have rejected in a different form before.

There is no prescript list of fruit  –  all of the ones listed below are in season for this time of years so they are reasonable and easily accessible. The concept of this  trick or treat adventure is that you  (as the parent ) are totally upfront and honest with them about the contents of the pumpkin. Some  fruits they know and like, others are new and some they may have tried before and not really loved but we will give it another go!

The carving of the orange is a lot easier and quicker than a pumpkin. Try to choose oranges which are very firm and have a tougher skin  –  this makes the carving easier.

It is essential that the parent or guardian uses the craft knife when carving. No children allowed for this part. The orange gets slippy and it is just too dangerous.

Before serving, dress the orange pumpkin up with some cool Halloween props to add to the fun of the experience.

I hope you enjoy this little Halloween taste test adventure.

With fun and deliciousness,



What You'll Need


Any selection of the following :



Pomegranate seeds







Sharp little knife / craft knife

chopping board and knife

How to Do It

Ready to Carve

  1. 1Cut the top of the orange.
    Run the craft knife along the inside if the orange and loosen as much flesh as possible. Use a big spoon and scoop out as much flesh and juice as you can. Save as much as possible.
  2. 2Carve out a face - cut 2 big triangles for this eyes, a smaller one for his nose and then a little mouth shape - spooky or happy you decide.
  3. 3Chop up and prepare the rest of the fruit and toss in any of the orange juice remaining.
    Play trick or treat and try out some delicious new fruits

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