Healthy Eating Shopping List


foodoppi shopping list

January always brings great enthusiasm and gusto for healthy eating.

Before we head back to the routine of school days, why not forward plan a little and stock up on some healthy foods for the fridge and pantry.

We have had a wonderful Christmas break ( minus the illnesses and snuffles along the way ……… ) and have been on holidays for almost two weeks now.

Today it is time to pack the bags, head home and get reorganised for ‘real life’ again on Monday.

I never feel settled and ready unless the fridge and pantry is stocked with the essentials.

Like most households we had a run of busy days, snacks and a few too many treats up and around Christmas so now its time to get real and back to wholesome, nourishing food and family meals.

I’m not sure it this will be of any use but here is a guide to some of the items I will be putting in my shopping trolley this weekend ahead of the return to routine.

With the school run, lunch-boxes and the need for delicious quick and easy family meals it is vital to have some easy essentials on hand.

This is quite a long list so by no means feel the need to get everything in one shop in one week. Pick up a few bits and piece each week during the month of January and slowly build up a healthy pantry to sustain to brilliant intentions we all have right now.

With fun and deliciousness,


foodoppi shopping trolley

Dairy Options 


Greek yoghurt

Milk ( super milk, soy, almond )

Cheddar Cheese

Fresh Mozzarella ( not grated )

Parmesan ( block not grated )

Full fat soft cream cheese


Fruit and Veg

Lemons & Limes

Berries ( fresh or frozen )

Bag of frozen mixed fruit

Avocados ( buy a week in advance to ripen at home )

Piccolo or sun blush cherry tomatoes



Baby carrots ( great for dipping ) ( Lidl great for these )

Prepared butternut squash

Sweet potatoes



Courgettes ( grate them into most dinners and no one even notices )

Basil ( to make pesto ), coriander and fresh parsley

Cauliflower ( steam and mix in with mashed potato )

Broccoli or brussel sprouts




Meat and Fish

Whole Free-range Chicken

Salmon ( organic or wild )

Mince beef or turkey ( lean less than 5% fat – steak mince )

Wafos turkey or ham ( I love the Aldi ones or the new Denny Fire & Smoke range )

Tinned Tuna ( in brine  – not sunflower oil  –  or sometimes its worth it to get the ore-drained one if taking them to the office)



Pantry Essentials

Olive oil


Balsamic glaze ( not vinegar )

Good quality honey and mustard dressing ( I love the Dunnes Simply Better one )

Teriyaki sauce ( Kikkoman do a fab teriyaki & bbq sauce )

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

BBQ sauce ( Isabella loves the Hellmans one –  not to sweet, not too tangy )

Peanut butter ( Kelkin always  –  go Irish, super high quality product 7 great taste)


Sweet Chilli Sauce ( The Dunnes Simply Better range one is awesome )

Seeds ( sunflower )

Pine nuts, almonds, cashews

Dried herbs – parsley, mixed Italian


Sugar free beans



Wholegrain rice & basmati rice



Dark chocolate