Leprechaun Trail Mix

This fun treat is perfect to grab and go for all the family who needs lots of energy and stamina for a fun St. Patrick's Day.

As part of our philosophy here at Foodoppi we believe that food is just food .
It is how we learn to interact and behave around food that is important.  We are continually encouraging parents and children to develop positive relationships with food, try and taste new foods and become independent  around their food choices.
We strongly believe in balance and that some foods are everyday foods and some foods are sometimes foods. Trying to get children to become accustomed to new and wholesome ingredients in a fun way is part of our belief system.
I guess simply the whole purpose of this recipe is  to engage families with a recipe which is easy, fun and sustainable.
As part of that, this recipe primarily symbolises the fun aspect of food and a creative way to get them to try more wholesome snack foods like nuts and seeds and wholegrain.
Hopefully this fun and playful snack food will encourage your family to try new foods like nuts and seeds and understand that small quantities of foods classically  defined as “treats” are ok in moderation.

What You'll Need

bag microwave popcorn

200g mixed unsalted nuts ( cashew, almond, brazil, peanut )

50g macadamia nuts ( coated in green chocolate )

50g pumpkin seeds

50g sunflower seeds

50g dried fruit (raisins, sultans, goji berries, dreid mango, banana, fig )

Large handful of shredded wheat

Large handful of pretzels

Small handful of mint aero balls

Small handful of lucky charms

100g white chocolate candy melts

For a marshmallow version  –  melt 2 tbsp butter with 1 bag mini marshmallows. Allow to melt over a gently heat and pour over the popcorn.


bowl & saucepan for Bain Marie

microwavable bowl

parchment paper

How to Do It

Poppin' Time

  1. 1Pop the bag of popcorn (corn kernels) in the microwave.
    Melt the chocolate and coat the nuts or seeds or popcorn in green chocolate.
    Spread out on parchment and allow to dry
  2. 2Combine all the ingredients in one big bowl.
  3. 3Mix and scoop into mini cute packages to take with you to the parade.

Photo Credit : anightowlblog  & House of Nash Eats

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