Let’s Fight Food Waste

Did you know in Ireland, we throw away and waste 25% of our fruit and vegetables every week.

Now, I don’t know about you but sometimes fractions can be a little tricky so lets keep this simple.

That is for every 4 pieces of fruit of vegetables you have in your lunchbox  – 1 goes in the bin every week. Sound about right! Uh Oh!

Sometimes our fruit gets a little bit bruised or battered in your school bag but its still totally fine to eat. Don’t throw it in the bin.


Credit: Marcin Ezaja

Ok, so here’s the facts. The science bit.

Those bruises are a straight up battle between plants and microbes.

( Mircobes are the teeny, tiny little micro-organisms that make up everything on the planet. There are trillions of trillions of trillions of microbes around the Earth. Maybe more. )

Under the right conditions these microbes grow into large colonies (like groups or posse or tribes ) . They  first attack the waxy layer of the fruit, as they target the sugar and nutrients inside.

As they drain the nutrients they also drain the colour and sometimes it goes hello first and then turns into the black spot of dead cells.


Credit: Alex Gindin

The mushy brown spots normally happen after the fruit has been picked from the plant and it gets bashed while on the move. Fungi gets in through the wound, kill the cells, absorb their nutrients and leave it brown and mushy and a bit yucky. It can taste bad as you are eating dead and decomposing tissue ! Eeewww.

Check out this Video for more deets!

The great thing is, let’s be smart about it !! All you have to do is eat around the bad bit. It is just on the outside and the rest of the fruit is totally fine and yum to eat.

So the next time the apple or banana in your lunch box has little black spot, “dude up” and just do it! It will still be as yum and delicious as the rest and you will be saving the planet.

In Ireland we produce about 1 million tonnes of food waste a year! That is insane!

Its costs us money, water, land and is harmful to the environment.

Let’s Fight Food Waste on bruised banana at a time.


What you reckon? YA !!!!


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