Maple & Miso Glazed Pork Skewers

Simple, fun skewers packed full of flavour

Miso and Maple Glazed Pork Skewers

With time at a premium for most families mid week this dinner can be on the table in under 20 minutes.

I decided to create a quick and easy recipe that was packed full of that almost indescribably delicious umami flavour, used real and simple quality ingredients and that allowed the kids a little autonomy and control over their food choice.

These skewers are layered with flavours and when we combine the sweet maple syrup with the tangy and savoury miso paste there  almost an alchemy or magic that happens. I love combining two different flavours to create a unique new flavour profile – an epic little win in the culinary world that has the power to transform food.

These are great too as the children can choose from a selection, provided by you, of which fruit and vegetables that they would like to add on. I normally suggest one fruit and one vegetable to make it fun and this is a super way of encouraging them to be brave and try new foods. They get a chance to taste a new food with a one that is familiar and safe to them. This is really important.

With fun and deliciousness,


What You'll Need

Feeds a family of 5

500g pork medallions  / pork fillet 

1 1/2 tbsp white miso paste 

6 tbsp maple syrup 

1 tsp ( squeeze ) lemon juice 

1 tsp corn flour

Pinch sea salt 

Chunks fresh pineapple 

Chunks red pepper

Optional Alternatives : 

Apple, sweet potato, yellow and green peppers, courgettes, mushrooms 

Bamboo skewers or cocktail sticks 


Baking tray


Griddle pan



Chopping board


Bamboo Skewers

How to Do It

Time to Skewer

  1. 1To make the marinade combine the miso paste, maple syrup, corn flour, lemon and sea salt in a bowl until it forms a smooth paste.
  2. 2Trim any excess fat or grizzle from the pork and cut into 2 cm cubes ( kids ) or 3cm pieces for adults.
  3. 3Peel and dice the pepper. Deseed and dice the red pepper.
  4. 4Pop the pork cubes into the marinade and coat well.
  5. 5Thread the pork, pineapple and peppers on to the skewers.
  6. 6To cook either griddle over a medium heat for 10 minutes rotating every 3 minutes or alternatively place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and roast for 10/12 minutes.
  7. 7Serve with some sweet potato chips and a nice slaw.

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