Mindful Eating for Primary Schools Teacher Summer Course 2019

This online CPD Teacher SPHE Summer Course 2019 is DES Approved For 3 EPV Days.

Eating Mindfully helps your school team make real lifestyle changes by sparking that intrinsic motivation to want to improve their relationship with food and their own wellbeing.

This online teacher summer course will empower teachers and students to take back control of one specific area of their lifestyle and wellness. You will learn techniques to help your students reflect, set intentions, visualise their future and make small changes which positively infiltrate the culture and wellbeing of your Health Promoting school.


Get this Teacher’s CPD Summer Course for €75

Some details :

  • For the Mindful eating course we are going to do the live virtual online modules each day of the first week Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July at 2pm each day. You will be sent a link to join.
  • The sessions will be live and recorded. The beginning of each session will not be recorded until you have time to switch your camera and microphones on or off as you wish. Either is fine however group participation is great. These recordings will then be posted by 6pm each day. There will be assignments and forum posts required with each module. There is also a downloadable booklet available to use during and after the course .
  • If you cannot make this live session that is no problem. At any point over the summer just join the online summer course group and undertake the course at your own pace. To complete the course simple sign up, log in,  watch and participate with the 2 hour video sessions through the private link and then complete the mindful eating assignments, tasks, meditations, reflections and discussion forums. 
  • There will be an additional live add on Q&A session at an agreed group time as part of the course also.
  • The Live Q&A will be held on the Tuesday 13th at 9pm.