This week I ate out in Nando’s Restuarant in Dublin.

Overall Thumbs Up – read my review.

  • Nando’s Restaurant
  • Where? 51-52 Mary Street, Dublin
  • Type of Food? Afro-Portuguese

nandos quinoa saladWhat I ate – Quinoa Salad

The quinoa salad is totally vegetarian ( not vegan tho, cos of the feta cheese) but I added some medium peri-peri chicken which was yum! The salad had chunks of roasted sweet potato in it – they were cold, obviously ‘cos it was a salad is suppose. I have never eaten cold sweet potato before – it was ok – i prefer it like fries tho. The quinoa was cool – it was black. I never even knew it came in black, i’ve always just eaten the white stuff. Then there was typical salad stuff – salad leaves, tomato and cucumber. There was avocado too – I luv this!! I read in a magazine its amazing for your skin. There was seeds too – TBH I don’t know why they were there! The chicken I got was nice – juicy and a little spicy. I like it more spicy than that so I added some extra peri-peri sauce on the side.

Luv’d It: Yes I totally loved it, salad was so delicious and really filling. The next time I go back I think I’m gonna try the bottomless frozen yogurt for dessert.

Shuv’d it: Those seeds – no need for them at all thanks!