Orange Boo Smoothies

This Halloween smoothie is creamy, cool and citrusy. A perfect breakfast or snack for all those Halloween treat or treat-ers.

foodoppi halloween smoothie

What You'll Need

1 frozen banana

250 mls orange juice

250g pot of vanilla yogurt  / orange yogurt

1 tsp orange blossom / zest half orange

2 tsp vanilla

drop of yellow and orange food colouring

Optional : 1 orange peeled and chopped up



Food Processor  / liquidizer

Chopping board

Measuring cups

How to Do It

Boo... It's time for Blending

  1. 1Freeze the banana for a few hours before you need it.
  2. 2Weigh out the ingredients and pop them in the blender.
  3. 3Blitz, pour and serve.

The frozen banana is the genius part to this recipe. It adds a brilliant creamy texture to the smoothie without having an overpowering taste of banana. The combination of vanilla and orange is reminiscent of the iconic ice pop the ‘Super Split’.

To really amp up the flavour the orange zest or orange blossom are great in this Halloween smoothie.

The only thing you will need is some food colouring to really boost the flavour and have it looking that vibrant spooky orange colour.

This smooth, creamy, orange smoothie is an usual twist on a smoothie but one the kids will love.

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