Pepper “Punk” Heads

The perfect spooky side to any Halloween meal

Foodoppi Pepper Punk Heads


These Pepper “Punk” Heads are the ideal Halloween snack!

Sometimes as parents we feel the need for our child to love every food and try and enjoy everything. That is unfortunately not the way kids or human nature works. Like us all the will like some food and not others.

The idea behind our punk heads is that they are bright and colourful and fun. You do not have to eat these peppers, they are jus the fun vessels for which to hold other foods. This way they become much less intimidating to the child. When they child knows they don’t have to eat it they bee more accepting of its presence, the smell, the touch , the appearance.

As the adult it is our job to keep it fun and fill these “punk”(pumpkin) heads with a variety of snack  foods .

I love to fill them like this with chopped up veggies and save some of our delicious butterbean hummus on the side as a dip. The ranch dressing dip is also fab to see with them too.

Another idea is do up mini portions of salad and serve them with the Ghostly Pizza  –  check out the recipe here . 

Remind the children it is ok not to love everything first time but it is important to give them a go.

These can also be filled with yum dinners like a chilli beef, or a chicken curry or baked beans. The possibilities are endless.


With fun and deliciousness,


What You'll Need


Salad leaves

Selection of freshly chopped vegetables

Side Dips  – Hummus , ranch dressing

Chilli beef

Chicken curry


Chopping board and knife

How to Do It

Carving Time

  1. 1Cut the tops of the peppers. Carefully run the knife around the inside and remove any pith and seeds.
  2. 2Fill with some fun and interesting vegetables and foods
  3. 3Give them a go !!

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