246 – Food Education for Primary Schools – A Cross Curricular Approach for 2020



Online summer course for 2020

Making healthy eating for wellness possible everyday through a holistic cross contextual approach to SPHE. This course is packed with trust worthy, quality and relevant resources, projects and activities ( all based on food the tool for education) as well as frameworks & toolkits which will allow you to begin on your Healthy Schools Flag journey.

  • Core Subject: SPHE
  • Strand: Myself
  • Strand Unit: Taking Care of My Body – Food & Nutrition
  • Cross curricular Links : Multiple
  • Class Group Suitability : Whole School
  • Course Type : Online


Food Education for Primary Schools – A Cross Curricular Approach for 2020 ( course code 246)


Foodoppi is proud to present our online CPD course for primary school teachers focusing on a cross contextual approach to food education for SPHE and beyond.

This course is approved for 3 EPV days.

I enjoyed the learning experience which was a pleasant surprise as I had promised myself last year that I would never do an online course again as I felt it hung over me for the whole summer.

This course was different, I felt it was more relevant to my day-to-day teaching, the assignments and the forum posts were worthwhile and something I could take into my future teaching.

Louise Lyne – Completed Foodoppi CPD Summer Course in 2017

This fun, skills based course allows you to take/use food and nutrition outside SPHE and make the relevant, interesting and positive through all the subjects on the curriculum. It also gives you the skills, and confidence to teach hands on practical classes with huge success.

The course includes original themed content specifically aligned to the primary curriculum, lesson plans, sample policies, referenced materials, tried and tested resources, cross curricular themes and downloadables to use in the classroom.

This online, self paced course encourages teachers to develop both content knowledge and pedagogical skills allowing you to succeed in becoming a Healthy Eating Coordinator in your school.

Learning Objectives for Food Education Course

  1. Empower teachers with creative knowledge and confidence to use food as an educational tool in a cross curricular manner by integrated it into the SPHE curriculum.
  2. The over arching aim of this food education programme is to up-skill teachers in food content knowledge and pedagogical skills which will enable them to inspire an interest in food and health and wellbeing and nurture positive relationships with food in an attempt to tackle national priorities of childhood obesity.
  3. To provide tools and strategies on how to integrate SPHE (food and nutrition) in a cross contextual way and make it relevant to the whole curriculum as well as engaging students in a fun and exciting manner.
  4. Encourage and demonstrate to teachers how to use the School Self Evaluation as part of their evaluation and planning process when reviewing and implementing healthy eating policies.
  5. Enable teachers to build a tool kit of new ideas, approaches and resources for the SPHE curricula including integrated and varied approaches to delivery to suit all multiple intelligences by incorporating the Principles of Primary Curriculum 1999.
  6. To allow teachers to develop their content knowledge and pedagogical skills in line with the national priority for teaching and learning . E.g collaborative learning, project based learning, etc.
  7. Assist participants in the planning and implementation process of achieving a Healthy Schools status and awards. This includes enabling participants to design school policies such as healthy eating weeks, school lunch policies, etc.
  8. Encourage teachers to include literacy and numeracy activities and new pedagogical skills into their lesson plans.

More About This CPD Summer Course

I picked this course because it seemed vibrant, interesting, relevant and something a bit unique compared to other courses. The resources available are amazing. Not only are they detailed but they are also simple, interesting and appealing. I was never bored completing this course.”

Kate O’Meara – Completed Foodoppi CPD Summer Course in 2017

This online course format includes 10 hours online study and 10 hours offline study. This means you can participate in the course when and where suits you.

Our online forums provide a real sense of community and are an amazing place to share ideas and resources and work together to find simple solutions to those daily challenges.

Each module has a short assignment and then on completion of the course there is a reflective learning assignment.
Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors actively support each course, providing expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants.

Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers. We bring together experience in areas like education, science, food, communication & media to deliver an engaging and innovative new online teacher training summer course which faces the real needs and day to day challenges of the teacher in the classroom.

There is 24/7 technical support and assistance.

The course will be available from July 1st – August 21st 2020

Price €49

Course Modules

Module 1 – Food Education in the Classroom & Whole School Context

This module highlights the importance of food and nutrition in the SPHE setting and from the teaching and learning perspective the Primary School Curriculum 1999. Using the School Self Evaluation Six Step Process ( now a national priority & requirement of each online summer course) & SCOT evaluations participants will have an opportunity to ascertain their current school situation in relation to Healthy Eating plans and policies.

Module 2 – Becoming a Health Promoting School

This module will enable teachers to develop a plan to become a Health Promoting School by breaking down the Department of Health’s framework into a workable and achievable toolkit to create a successful Healthy Eating Policy and ultimately develop steps to earning the Healthy Schools Flag. This module has lots of recourses and downloadable tools to help including the new Healthy Food for All Guidelines from the Department of Health.

Module 3 – Active Learning

Participants will develop pedagogical skills around practical elements in the classroom. This will include risk analysis and assessment, models for activities, step-by-step how to videos, behavioural tips and budgets and resources for food in the classroom.

This course is enabling teachers to utilise original & creative food focused resources in pre-formed lesson plans which align with the primary curriculum though many subject areas in a cross curricular manner.

Module 4 – Food as a Creative Learning Tool

This modules allows time to reflect on a variety of teaching and learning philosophies that are relevant to the experiential learning nature of using food as cross curricular thematic tool for teaching. There are lots of great video resources here to help you and your students create simple and delicious recipes, lunch boxes and food art projects.

Module 5 – Becoming a Highly Effective Teacher of Science in the Classroom

This module also allows teachers to reflect on all of the new methodologies, resources and techniques within the course and how the participants can utilise these to progress from effective to highly effective teaching according to the school self evaluation process (now a national priority & requirement of all online summer courses) .



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