Eating Mindfully 2019


3 day EPV approved CPD summer course for primary school teachers. Making mindful eating for wellness possible everyday through an innovative approach to the Myself strand of the SPHE curriculum. This course is delivered live over the course of 2 months with one session beginning in July and second option available for August. Additional materials, assignments, forums and the recorded video links will be hosted over at the Foodoppi Academy (

  • Core Subject: SPHE
  • Strand: Myself
  • Strand Unit: Taking Care of My Body – Food & Nutrition
  • Class Group Suitability : Whole School
  • Course Type : Online


Foodoppi is proud to present our 3 day EPV approved CPD summer course for primary school teachers focusing on SPHE & wellness for schools.

This Mindful Eating course is perfect for both teachers and students as a journey of self discovery and a way of developing positive & healthy relationships with food for life.

This course is a live online course.  

This means you have an opportunity to complete your online course within the first week –  Log in at 2pm each day for live sessions and be part of a virtual online group setting. This is such an innovative and new way to learn for summer courses and is sure to be very interesting. If you miss a  module session or cannot attend just simply log into the course and and watch the 2 hour module back, complete the assignments and move on to the next module.

There will be one group session starting July 1st at 2pm and live each day of 5 days in that week and the next live session will begin on Monday 5th August. 

You can join at any point during the summer to do the course as an online video guided course or book now and be prepared to transform your life and that of your students on July 1st. 

Mindful practice is a growing area within the wellbeing sector of our education system. This forward thinking course will begin to show real change from the outset and will grow and continue as teachers return to their classrooms and begin some mindful eating practices with the students. Simple approaches and strategies are key to encouraging teachers and students to use these new tools to develop positive relationships with food through SPHE for the future. In the school eco-system this can then be reflected in lunch choices, lunch boxes, healthy eating policies and at home.

  “If you know better – do better….. “
Maya Angalou


Learning Objectives for Eating Mindfully 2019 Summer Course

  1. Enable teachers to develop an understanding of mindful eating in the school context and help him/her to develop an appreciation for their ability to encourage healthy behaviours in their students.
  2. Link directly with the SPHE curriculum and give teachers new tools, strategies and resources to develop the wellbeing of their students.
  3. Provide teachers with new skills to help him/her create effective and meaningful content for their SPHE class and on a broader level link in with the overall school “healthy eating” & “wellbeing” policies.
  4. Encourage and demonstrate to teachers how to use the School Self Evaluation as part of their evaluation and planning process when reviewing and implementing healthy eating policies.
  5. Allow the teacher to become a facilitator and role model for mindful eating practices. Using this they can then help to develop the foundational skills, values and attitudes needed for our future generations to build positive relationships with food through the SPHE curriculum. 
  6. Provide teachers with relevant content to help students foster a sense of care and respect for themselves.

This online course format includes 10 hours online study and 10 hours offline study. This means you can participate in the course when and where suits you.

Our online forums provide a real sense of community and are an amazing place to share ideas and resources and work together to find simple solutions to those daily challenges.

Each module has a short assignment and then on completion of the course there is a reflective learning assignment.
Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors actively support each course, providing expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants.

Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers. We bring together experience in areas like education, science, food, communication & media to deliver an engaging and innovative new online teacher training summer course which faces the real needs and day to day challenges of the teacher in the classroom.

There is 24/7 technical support and assistance.

The course will be available from July 1st 2019 until August 23rd 2019.

Price €75

Course Modules

Module 1

  1. Review of aims and objective of the SPHE curriculum to demonstrate how the core principles underpin the content of this course. 
  2. Introduction to guided meditative practice 
  3. Understanding the benefits of inner and outer wisdom in relation to mindful eating
  4. Undertaking a mindful eating exercise and learning how to guide a class through this activity
  5. Enable teachers to assess their current school situation in relation to  planning and policies using methodologies of the 6 step SSE process. 

Module 2

  1. Further development of the skill of guided meditation – a body scan.
  2. Understanding and learning the skill of hunger awareness, types of hunger and triggers for eating.
  3. Self reflective mindful eating activities.

Module 3

  1. Guided mini meditations  and their relevance to the teaching and learning of mindful eating.
  2. Mindful choices – this allows participants to understand why they make the choices they do and how they can empower  children to make positive choices for the future.
  3. Physiology of taste & nutrition.
  4. Mindful eating exercise
  5. Influence of media on food choices & challenging confusing messages.

Module 4

  1. Teachers will follow a guided loving and kindness meditation and learn how to deliver this to students.
  2. Explore and practice the art of gratitude in relation to mindful eating.
  3. Understand concepts like satiety and the satisfaction of food.
  4. Chain effect of trigger for eating and emotional eating.

Module 5

  1. Teachers will reflect on their own school SSE assessment from module 1 and begin to see how eating mindfully will fit into the culture, value system, policies and classroom teachings of the school.
  2. Explore concepts like sustainable eating for the future and lunches ideas to encourage mindful eating.
  3. Healthy recipes for lunchbox ideas.

*NOTE for 2019: Where a participant has registered for more than one course, courses may only be completed consequently rather than concurrently.


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