247 – STEM Through Food- A Beginners Approach for Introducing STEM to your Classroom


STEM through Food for your school online CPD summer course for primary teachers 

How to integrate inquiry based learning in the classroom in a cross – curricular way through food & STEM while getting lots of useful resources, valuable lesson plans and projects perfect for entering the 2021 ESB Science Blast next year. BOOK NOW

  • Core Subject: SESE – Science
  • Cross curricular Links : Multiple
  • Class Group Suitability : 1st – 6th class (best for 3rd-6th class)
  • Course Type : Online


This course is perfect of the beginner, creative teacher who wants an introduction to STEM and gain a selection of digital resources.

Foodoppi is delighted to present our primary school teacher online CPD summer course focusing on a S.T.E.M (Science) through food approach to the SESE curriculum. Linking S.T.E.M in a cross curricular way is now a national priority for classrooms all over Irish primary schools and here at Foodoppi we do that through food.

This course is only €49 and begins on the 1st July 2020 and you have access to the resources for 12 months.

This course is approved by the DES for 3 EPV days and  provides you with a certificate of completion for 20 hours CPD to present to school management or at interview.

Are you ready for S.T.E.M?

I found it difficult to marry the elaborate Science experiments in a textbook to the teaching in the classroom. I found I would become overwhelmed and the children would be disappointed when the experiments did not work out, like they should.

Since completing the Foodoppi ‘Fun Science in the Classroom’ course, I can carry out fun, engaging and useful lessons that the children enjoy.
The Foodoppi, ‘Fun Science in the Classroom’ course, surpassed my expectations. It was very helpful, fun and insightful. Not only did I come away with loads of ideas and resources for the classroom, I enjoyed the more practical elements of the course too. The course is clearly laid out, easy to follow and is relevant for teachers and learners.

I will be recommending Foodoppi’s online summer courses to all my colleagues. I am so glad I chose this course!
Kyna Rushe – Completed Foodoppi CPD Summer Course in 2017

>Using the school self evaluation process (now a national priority for all online summer courses) assess where your school is now and receive time, guidance and resources for creating plans and policies to get your school S.T.E.M ready in line with the new STEM Education Policy.

Throughout this course you will learn how to apply principles of working scientifically and design and making into your science classes. We do this in a fun and engaging way using food as our theme.

This course make S.T.E.M fun, hands on and engaging and give you the skills, tools and confidence to teach hands on practical classes with huge success.

The course includes original themed content specifically aligned to the Irish curriculum, lesson plans, sample science projects, referenced materials, tried and tested resources, cross curricular themes and downloadables to use in the classroom.

This online, self paced course encourages teachers to develop both content knowledge and pedagogical skills allowing you to succeed in becoming a super cool STEM teaching pro.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Empower teachers with creative knowledge, practical skills and confidence to teach science in a cross curricular way.
  2. To provide tools, strategies and resources for integrating science in a cross curricular way and make it relevant to the whole curriculum as well as engaging students in a fun and exciting manner.
  3. Embrace inquiry thinking, cooperative learning and engaging assessment strategies as teaching methodologies for science through active engagement with ideas, content and methodologies which compromise of core course content.
  4. To develop participants appreciation and understanding of the importance of PROCESS in science education and experiential learning.
  5. Participants will develop reflective strategies from both a school and personal perspective using the school self evaluation process and aligning teaching and learning with the Looking at Our School 2016 A Quality Framework for Primary Schools

More About This Exciting CPD Summer Course

I picked this course because it seemed vibrant, interesting, relevant and something a bit unique compared to other courses. The resources available are amazing. Not only are they detailed but they are also simple, interesting and appealing. I was never bored completing this course.”

Kate O’Meara – Completed Foodoppi CPD Summer Course in 2017

This interactive and dynamic online course format includes 10 hours online study and 10 hours offline study. This means you can participate in the course when and where suits you.
Our online forums provide a real sense of community and are an amazing place to share ideas and resources and work together to find simple solutions to those daily challenges.
Each module has a short assignment and then on completion of the course there is a reflective learning assignment.
Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors actively support each course, providing expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants.

Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers. We bring together experience in areas like education, science, food, communication & media to deliver an engaging and innovative new online teacher training summer course which faces the real needs and day to day challenges of the teacher in the classroom.

There is 24/7 technical support and assistance.
The special offer course will be available until June 6th 2020

Price €45


Module 1 – Exploring STEM

In this module participants will gain a real insight and understand into the concept of S.T.E.M as both a topic, a subject and a teaching methodology. Participants will be encouraged to assess their current school situation in relation to S.T.E.M using the SSE Six Step Process( now a national priority & requirement of all online courses) and begin to create an action plan for their school and classroom in 2019/2020.

Module 2 – Strategies and Tools for Active Learning Through Science

Throughout this module we aim to develop your pedagogical skills and content knowledge to give you the tools, resources and confidence to carry out practical hands on activities and classes.

Module 3 – Teaching and Learning Theories & Resources for Experiential Learning Through Science

This modules allows time to reflect on a variety of teaching and learning philosophies that are relevant to the experiential learning nature of a S.T.E.M lesson. This module is also includes our original video series of creative  food & STEM based activities all created specifically to align with the Irish classroom.

Module 4 – Cooperative Learning Strategies and Assessment in S.T.E.M Lessons

Participants will develop an understanding of how S.T.E.M encourages cooperative learning within the classroom. This module also teaches how to plan and prepare for science events like science fairs and looks at effective assessment methodologies to use when teaching science and S.T.E.M in an active way.

Module 5 – Becoming a Highly Effective Teacher of Science in the Classroom

This module looks at creating makers spaces in the classroom and using ICT and online resources as part of STEM lessons. It also allows teachers to reflect on all of the new methodologies, resources and techniques within the course and how the participants can utilise these to progress from effective to highly effective teaching according to the school self evaluation process (national priority & requirement of all online summer courses) .


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