Quinoa & Oat Cereal Bars

Beyond delicious, these innovative cereal bars are packed with natural protein, slow release energy and fibre. Perfect for any lunch box or snack on the go.

quinoa and oat cereal bars

Healthy Eating is back with a bang this January.

Breakfasts on the go, lunch box fillers and after school snacks are all some of the big foodies challenges us parents face on a daily and weekly basis.

As a busy mum of two little ladies I get it. Junior Infants and a new baba makes our house fun-filled and ‘on the go’ to say the least!

I created this recipe a number of years ago and it has been a staple of ours for a long time now.

With food design for children at my core I had to test many iterations to get this one right. There were raw versions with only dates, versions with rice sugar, golden syrup and sugar but none were right.

I have tested this recipe with hundreds of children and they really do like them. There are certain elements they were required to make them palatable to kids  –  they needed some sweetness, a little stickiness, a little crispy crunch and in order for them to accept a new ingredient like quinoa they needed to see something old and familiar, hence the Rice Krispies.

This innovative and delicious new cereal bar recipe is perfect. Much lower in sugar than some commercial varieties, packed with oats for a slow release of energy and the magic secret ingredient QUINOA ( KEEN-WA ).

Quinoa is a powerhouse of protein with keeps the kids full from breakfast trough break right up until lunch time.

Constipation is becoming a prominent health problem for so many young children nowadays because they are not eating enough fibre and drinking enough water. The addition of the seeds are a great source of fibre to help with this, along with the oats being a whole food. There is some great omega 3 from the seeds too.

These are perfect for the freezer too  –  chop them into pieces, pop in freezer bags and just take out each morning and put straight into the lunch box.

These cereal bars tick so many boxes and are honestly so good.

With fun and deliciousness,



What You'll Need

50g butter

30g sunflower/coconut oil

20g brown sugar

55g honey/golden syrup

100g rolled oats (porridge)

50g Rice Krispies

50g quinoa (uncooked)

60g dried fruits & nuts

15g seeds (chia/flaxseed/linseed/pumpkin/sunflower)



oven tray


weighing scales / measuring spoons

chopping board and knife

parchment paper

oven gloves


How to Do It

Let's Bake

  1. 1Preheat the oven to 150oc. Line a baking tray. In a separate tin, mix the quinoa and oats (For a very crispy texture toast for 10 mins ) and while they are in the oven chop any fruit or nuts.
  2. 2In a saucepan, melt the butter, oil sugar and honey.
  3. 3Turn off the heat. Sitting the saucepan on a pot stand, spoon in all the dry ingredients.
    Spoon into the tin. Press down really firmly.
    Bake for 20 – 25mins. Bake low and slow at 150oC for 22 - 25mins in order to get a firmer, chewier texture. This will help prevent them breaking up.
  4. 4Using oven gloves remove the tin from the oven. Allow to cool fully.
    Lift out flapjacks on baking paper.
    Cut into squares.
    Drizzle with a chocolate glaze & coconut or with honey and sesame seeds.

Top Tips 

  • By lining the tin in advance it means you are super organised and very little wash up after. When baking with sugar, honey etc when it sticks it is a real pain to remove.
  • When kids are helping with this one be sure to supervise and take real care when melting the sugar and honey. It can give a very nasty burn.
  • The chocolate glaze can be as indulgent as you like  –  pour it all over the surface or lightly drizzle each one with a little
  • The addition of a little coconut on top is a great way to introduce children to new textures and flavours.
  • Note  –  to get a chewy texture bake low and slow –  150oC for 25 mins, for a much more crunchy texture bake at 180oC for 20mins.
  • Allow for cool for at least 2 hours before cutting.


3 comments on “Quinoa & Oat Cereal Bars

  1. Linda Murray on

    Hi there, I did something wrong because my bars crumbled into granola!! Should the oil be added to honey / butter mix? Tastes lovely but not a bar in sight

  2. Aisling Larkin on

    Hi Linda, Yes absolutely. I have reviewed the recipe and updated a few top tips which will hopefully help too. It is naturally a crumbly mixture so the low and slow cooking I spoke about on the Six O Clock Show should definitely help. I hope it goes great and thank you so much for messaging. Aisling x


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