Reindeer Cookies

These peanut butter & caramel Rudolph cookies are just too good not to try !

What You'll Need

24 ritz crackers

200g peanut butter

100g Nestle tin caramel

350g chocolate

24 googly eyes

12 red m&m’s ore red fondant



How to Do It

Let's Get Baking

  1. 1Put a piece of parchment paper on a baking tray.
  2. 2Melt the chocolate.
  3. 3Spread the peanut butter on the cracker.
  4. 4Place another cracker on top to make a sandwich. Pop in freezer for a few minutes to chill.
  5. 5Dip the peanut butter sandwich in the melted chocolate ( use forks for this ) then pop on the parchment paper.
  6. 6To create Rudolph place 2 googly eyes on first, then a red m&m (or little ball of red fondant) for his nose and a pretzel for his antlers.
    Stick these on while the chocolate is hot and melty and then chill and set for about an hour.

  7. 7Insert a lollipop stick to make them stand up like cake pops and serve or
    Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks!! ( like they are gonna last that long!! )

Top Tips

How to Melt Chocolate

  • Set up a bain marie. To do this put a small amount of water in a saucepan. Sit a bowl on top. Put the chocolate in the bowl – not in the water. It is very important to only have saucepan about 1/4 full. The water should never touch the chocolate of it go stiff and lumpy.


  • Otherwise  – melt in the microwave. Be careful though. Do at 30 second intervals – melt for 30 seconds, stop the microwave, stir and repeat until just melted. Do not put it back in of the final step – the residual ( left over heat ) will continue to melt the last bit and prevent it burning.

Spreading Peanut Butter

  • Always use a flat butter knife.
  • Make sure the peanut butter is room temperature.
  • Never try to spread the peanut butter while holding the cracker  –  it will crack!
  • Be patient.

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