Rustic Stone

[intro]A few weeks ago Sarah ate out in the Rustic Stone in Dublin with her mom and sister. Overall Thumbs Up – read her review.[/intro]

  • Name: Rustic Stone Restaurant
  • Where? South Great Georges Street, Dublin
  • Type of Food? Healthy,  American, Grill, Salad, Steak, Fishrustic stone knickerbocker glory

What I ate – Glamburgers & Knickerbocker Glory

These burgers were so yummy! They were so tasty and meaty. The crispy onion rings were great – they added a lovely crunchiness. The melty cheese was so oozy.  There was way too much salad – rocket I think so i picked lots of it off.

These  glamburgers were great because we got two so me and my sister could share and have one each.

I had never heard of polenta chips before the Rustic Stone. Wow – so good! They are hard to describe but they are delicious. They kind of melt in your mouth and are fluffy. My mom had these big massive chips with truffle and parmesan – i thought we would hate them but they were amazing!

For dessert we had the Strawberry Knickerbocker Glory. OMG – so good. It was so strawberry – yyy !! and fresh and light and tasty. Like, so good. It tasted like summer on a spoon.

Luv’d It: Yes. It was a bit fancy but thats ok. I like the room and the location is good. The burgers were delicious and that Knickerbocker glory was amazing! Luv’d the 2 portion burger size – ideal for us!

Shuv’d it: Forget about the leaves – just gimme the burger!

rustic stone glam burgers