Science Week 2017 Children’s Events

Foodoppi has curated and created a whole host of seriously cool demo’s, interactive workshops and live events for Science Week 2017.

Both Louise and Aisling are very excited to get things kicked off in Dublin where groups of students can come and engage with Food and S.T.E.M in a very unique and novel way.

Doing 3 shows daily this week in select locations, followed by the Family Science Day in the Convention Centre on Saturday 18th, it is going to be a deliciously fun, innovative and exciting week for all involved.


We believe that informal science education has a real place in the modern educational system both in a formal and informal setting.

Disseminating science to our young audiences is a core value of ours.

Foodoppi turns food and science into multi-sensory, hands on learning experiences that can be created, touched and tasted. This allows  our future generations to explore food & STEM in an innovative & unintimidating way.

With curricular overloads and resource constraints in classrooms around the globe it is imperative we try to give students a real opportunity to explore how interesting and relevant science really is to their lives.

We brings abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands on approach that really engages children and allow them to develop critical skills. Our passion lies in getting children to thinking about things different, make connections with old and new ideas and find creative solutions all while having fun.

At Foodoppi we continually strive to remove any stereotypical views the children might have on the classic scientist image. This is hugely important for us to assist in increasing the participation levels of females in STEM subjects and careers.

We create and design the activities to ensure they are engaging and valuable by linking them to the school curriculum and creating that love of life long learning in children.


Have a look a the fun & excitement we were having when TRTE News2Day presenter Zaniab came to visit us !

Watch !

Food at Science Week 2017