Science Week Breakfast Time


foodoppi molecular gastronomy breakfast



It’s Science Week from the 13th – 20th November and Foodoppi are very excited to be a part of this.

We LOVE Science!

On Saturday 19th November we are going Live with a really cool experience.

We are hosting a Facebook Live event, (click this link now to like the page so you get to watch it!)  We are also hosting a hands-on workshop where you can come and learn how to make this dish all by your self!

We are going to show you how to make an amazing breakfast, but not all is as it seems! It looks like a breakfast but it tastes like a dessert!

Everything is created using cool chemistry and the best bit is we break it down so its totally easy for you to understand and the best bit is you get to eat your delicious food at the end.

Foodoppi’s Molecular Gastronomy Workshop is one of a kind and cannot be done anywhere else in the WORLD!

DO NOT MISS THIS!  It is so cool!

You can bring a grown up with you, but you get to do all the cool stuff! kelseys-turning

To book at ticket – Click here!