Snow Day Scones

Our Louise Lennox was chatting with Ray D'Arcy this week teaching everyone her delicious 'snowday' scone recipe.


louise lennox ray d'arcy show snowday scones

What You'll Need

1lb / 455g self raising flour

4oz / 115g  butter – cut into cubes

2oz/ 55g  sugar – any type is fine

2 large eggs

4 floz / 125ml milk





baking tray


weighing scales

optional pin : rolling pin

How to Do It

Let's Bake

  1. 1Put the flour, sugar and butter into a bowl. Rub together wit your finger tips until it resembles breadcrumbs. You can also do this in a food processor which is much faster. Wizz for about 10 seconds
  2. 2Make a well in the middle.

    Crack an egg and lightly beat it. Pour it into the well and then add in the milk. Use a fork to bring the mix to a soft dough.
  3. 3Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and pat down with your hand or roll out with a rolling pin.
  4. 4Then use a cutter or knife to cut into scones. Dab a little milk on top and place onto a baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven at 180oC for 15 -18 minutes until golden brown.

  5. 5You can add in dry fruit, frozen berries, chopped apple or chocolate chips.
  6. 6You can make the scones savoury by leaving out the sugar and adding in grated cheese, chopped onions, chopped olives, pesto or bacon.

This is a really easy scone recipe. A great way to easy the boredom of cabin fever.
The smell of baking actually releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy!

These scones are super light and you can add loads of different ingredients into them and just eat them plain with jam and butter.


Top Tips 

Scone basic recipe using plain flour

1lb / 455g plain flour

4 level teaspoons baking power

4oz 115g  butter – cut into cubes

2oz/ 55g  sugar – any type is fine

2 large eggs

4 floz milk / 125ml

5 comments on “Snow Day Scones

  1. Margaret on

    Hi Louise, tried these today & worked fairly well but think I’d use cooler oven -maybe 180Fan – if doing them again. Bit brown underneath. Got recipe from RTÉ website & then came to yours to get version I could print but there’s no oven temp on here

    • Aisling Larkin on

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks so much for getting in contact. The oven temp is only a guide as in my experience so many oven brands differ from exact temp settings and can be a few degrees cooler or hotter. I baked a batch of scones before going on the show in my fan oven and it was 185oC and they baked great so please feel free to alter the recipe to suit you oven,. Thanks. so much for the feedback and I am delighted you made the scones. Louise

  2. Anne Hayes on

    Hi Louise,

    heard you on the Ray Darcy show talking to Brenda and tried out your scone recipe yesterday morning. I was delighted with the result, they were delicious! It will definitely be my go to recipe for scones. I was wondering if you have a recipe that is foolproof for brown scones that is as good as the Snowy Day Scones!

    Thanks for your help and continued success.
    Well Done



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