Strawberry Love Wands

strawberry heart

Happy Valentine’s Week !!

With all the talk of Valentine’s Day with week and the kids doing cute art and crafts projects I though this would be perfect.

A little bit of simple and playful Food Art!

With a small heart shaped cutter, cut out strawberries and melon inot hearts and thread on to skewers . ( I normally get mine in Tesco and I have seen them in places like The Range, Woodies and Dealz etc ) .


food art foodoppi strawberry heart

WHY ??

Because this is a great playful way to get children interacting ( touching, feeling, smelling foods even if they think they may not like them )

Children tend to put lots of unknown foods on the “no way, not eating that” list very quickly . In a lot of cases the first step to breaking this mind block is instilling curiosity, followed by engagement with the food on a sensory level.  this will allow them to gain confidence at their own pace with the new or banished food and they will subsequently be more likely to at least try it ( perhaps not right there and then but some day) .

Strawberries are nearly always a winner so pairing them with something little different is a great way to introduce the new flavour.

P.S the older kids love helping to cut and make these for themselves and others.

love sticks

With fun and delicious loveliness,