Engineer an Egg Spaceship

Get egg-splosive & creative with this space theme. Engineer and construct a simple 3-D egg holder space rocket.

Engineer an Egg Spaceship Teacher Resource

Resource Title: Engineer an Egg Spaceship

Class: 1st & 2nd Class

Strand: Science - Energy & Forces, Maths - 2 D Shapes, Visual Arts - Construction, Geography - Natural Environments

Strand Unit:

Science – Energy & Forces

Maths  – 3-D Shapes

Visual Arts  – Making Constructions

Geography – Natural Environments

Level : easy Cost : low Material Availability : easy


Science – Energy & Forces

Maths  – 3-D Shapes

Visual Arts  – Making Constructions

Geography – Natural Environments


The aim of this design and making activity is to encourage the student to explore, develop and apply scientific ideas and concepts through designing and making activities.

Designing and Making
Through completing the strand units of the science curriculum the child should be enabled to :


• handle and manipulate a range of materials in structured and unstructured situations
• observe, investigate and describe familiar objects
• imagine and suggest a possible object to be made
• choose appropriate materials from a given limited range
• talk about the plan and communicate it to others
through discussion
through drawing pictures
through modelling materials such as sand, Plasticine and Duplo

• make simple objects – understand that materials can be linked together
• develop craft-handling skills and techniques needed to carry out the plan
cutting and tearing, assembling, sticking, moulding or modelling, tying knots, folding
• use a range of tools – scissors, pencils, hole-punch, ruler (for tearing)
• use a range of materials – reclaimable domestic ‘waste’, Plasticine, adhesives, construction kits, string, cardboard, straws, paper fasteners, paper clips, adhesive tape, pipe cleaners, clay, fabric.

• talk about own work during design and making tasks

• report to others on what has been done & discuss the work of peers in a positive way.

Activities throughout the strands of the visual arts curriculum will complement this unit and provide opportunities to apply these designing and making skills.
Mathematics: Space and shape
Geography: Human environments—Living in the local community




Foodoppi 3-D Printable template

Colours (optional)


Super Easy Engineering & Construction

  1. 1Download the printable, photocopy one for each student.
  2. 2Allow them to cut out the printable
    Follow the instructions for folding
  3. 3Assemble & glue where necessary.
    Be very proud.
  4. 4Discover how far they can fly empty
    Place a hard boiled egg in the centre and investigate and observe what happens when it tries to launch and fly.


Egg Spaceship Printable

Egg Holder and Space Rocket - very cool!

Egg Spaceship Printable

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