Tasting New Foods – Guacamole

Healthy Eating is such an important part of school life. Try this simple, fun, delicious recipe with your students and see what they think.
Made in minutes with no resources needed.

Tasting New Foods – Guacamole Teacher Resource

Resource Title: Tasting New Foods – Guacamole

Class: Jnr & Snr Infants 1st & 2nd Class 3rd & 4th Class 5th & 6th Class

Strand: SPHE - Myself

Strand Unit:

Myself – Taking Care of My Body – Food & Nutrition

Level : easy Cost : low Material Availability : easy


Myself – Taking Care of My Body – Food & Nutrition




foodoppi aisling food education


Here is our yummy, super healthy, quick and easy guacamole recipe.

A perfect start to bringing cooking into the classroom. No resources needed, and its made in literally 2 minutes.

A great way to get the kids talking about new foods and tasting and trying new foods and fits perfectly into the SPHE curriculum.


Serve this guacamole with what the students have in their lunchbox or ask them to bring in some crackers, breadsticks, pitta breads or maybe even some raw vegetables like carrots, celery or sugar snap peas.

louise foodoppi avocado


When we went into classrooms and got the students involved the teachers were amazed at how willing the students were to try this and more amazed at how many of them loved it. Not all of the will and thats ok too, but great to exposure them to new foods.

foodoppi aisling food education

So much opportunity to discuss aspects like food choice, animal and plant foods, healthy diets and everything in moderation – even avocados!!!


Chopping board

Small bowl




foodoppi guacamole recipe for classroom


foodoppi guacamole recipe

foodoppi guacamole recipe

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