The Foodoppi Club

Real Food, Real Science, Real Fun, Real Learning

Coming Summer 2017! 

Each month the expert team at Foodoppi create an entire themed online Club which is packed full of family fun and learning .
Join our online community of like minded parents and excited children as we create simple, manageable and fun projects and activities.

The Foodoppi Club is the perfect introduction for you and your child to begin doing hands on cookery and science experiments at home.

It includes a combination of bitesize activities that can be done in 15 minutes to bigger, more epic projects. We provide activity guides, tutorials videos, live cook alongs and lots of tips and tricks to support you the parent and allow you to become the expert.

In turn, you then empower and excite your children to want to explore, discover and learn more.

Ultimately, the Foodoppi Club is perfect for introducing your kids to new food, some cool S.T.E.M ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) concepts and a new way of learning.

Our Core Values

  • Learning based in hands on fun.
  • Valuable quality time and memories together.
  • Exciting children about trying and tasting new foods.
  • Introducing you and your child to new S.T.E.M concepts in a tangible, non-intimidating, easy way.
  • Age appropriate activities based on the cognitive and dexterous ability of your child.
  • Developing your child’s creative confidence and self belief.
  • Engaging children with different learning styles and develop multiple intelligence area.

So, don’t hesitate, subscribe to out mailing list today to get all the project activities, tutorial videos, activity guides and lots more sent directly to your inbox each month.

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And then to extend the fun even more if you are the mom or dad, or grandparent or minder head over to the Foodoppi Facebook page for lots of extra support from our community.

Your children can also extend the fun over on PopJam. With almost 10,000 Foodoppi Pop Jammers you child will love all the fun & educational games, challenges and quizzes on this friendly and creative free app, especially designed for children aged 6 – 12 years old.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,

Aisling & Louise