Food Engineering : Virtual Reality Dining-Surely Not !

Ok, so first of all – what is virtual reality?

Well, real reality is the actual world we live in here and now.

Virtual reality is a like a pretend or imaginary world that is created using technology like computers and sensory equipment. 

There is a project in the USA called Project Nourished and they are engineering a way for you to trick your brain into thinking you are touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, eating and feeling happy from eating foods that are, well INVISIBLE or IMAGINARY.

They create pretend experiences where people can put on the headset and believe they are touching, tasting and smelling.

You sit down and put on this headset. Then there is a diffuser which releases all these smells and a bone conduction transmitter – say what now ???

This recreates the sound and feeling of your bones chewing and finally a glass to drink from and a utensil – like a spoon or a fork to pretend pick up the pretend food!


Credit: Project Nourished


And finally the food – the food is engineered using a 3D printed cube made from algae (seaweed). It is the algae which allows them to add different tastes and textures to the “food”.


Credit: Project Nourished


Confusing  – yes a little!! Cool – yes a lot!

There are bout 30 people all working on this project. They include 3D artists, chefs, food scientists, an audio engineer. 

I think a project like this really shows that S.T.E.A.M ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths ) is the way of the future.

I think one of the best things about something like Project Nourished is that people who might have food allergies ( they can’t eat certain food ‘cos they make them sick) could eat any foods they like!

Ok, I have some questions for you – do you think its sounds cool? Would you like to try it?

Why could this be cool for people?

Ok, so here is the challenge for today – let’s go crazy and think up of our own weird and wonderful new foods we  could create – maybe it could taste like ice-cream, but look like a chicken tender, and smell like chocolate.

What are your ideas…….

Pop them in the comments below!