Want to Sound Like a Fancy Foodie?

Well, I have all the words you need to sound very fancy about all things food.

A new foodie dictionary was just launched to help us describe our food better.

Did you know we all send at least one food-related image a day to family or friends while about 30% of us post a food pic on social media EVERYDAY!

Ok ready for some new random words:

Barn – Yardy

Pronounced: Barn – yard – ee

Oh yes this is exactly what you would imagine – food has a smell or taste of a barn yard!

Some times food like strong cheese or meat has this taste.



Pronounced: sin-uh-mon-ik

This is like a food which has a milk cinnamon flavour like Starbucks spiced pumpkin latte and apple pie



Pronounced: lick – or – us

Now, this is not to be confused with Liquorice! you know those mad black sweets – liquorice All Sorts!
This word means something is sweet & tempting!




Pronounced: nep -chew – knee – an

This means it has a really strong flavour of the sea.

Like shellfish – prawns, muscles and oysters.


Pronounced: h0 – go

This means a food which has a really strong savoury flavour like meat, or stock cubes or a sauce.

Hhmm, I’m thinking sausages and BBQ sauce



Pronounced: doos

This describes foods that are sweet and soft.

Maybe like,chocolate mousse and marshmallows.


Fire – Fanged

Pronounced: fire – fanged

This means the food had a burnt, scorched look or taste.

You know like the toast you eat most mornings as you leg it out the door to school!



Pronounced: klag-ee

This means its has a sticky, thick feel and kinda gets stuck to the roof of your mouth

Maybe like peanut butter!





Pronounced: purt – ish
This means something has a sharp, tangy taste that kind of makes you do the eek emoji face.

Like……….. natural yoghurt.pertish


 I hope you enjoyed this fun list of new words.