What I’ve Learned from Tinie Tempah about Food

I love music – a little bit of everything. You might say my favourite albums are mixed tapes.

So, when Tinie Tempah’s mixed tape album launched I got pretty excited.

Then I found out the name – Junk Food.

Well, now I was even more interested.

So I listened to it and to be honest I’m not mad about most of the stuff on there but I do think Tinie had a few good lessons to teach us all.

So here goes, the things I’ve learned from Tinie Tempah’s new album –  Junk Food!


  •  Too much Junk Food is bad for you! Its that simple – even Tinie says it on his Instagram when he posted a definition of the word Junk Food.
  • “Junk Food – quick, easy and accessible. Some-thing to indulge in. Too much of it may be bad for you.”



  • Also – he doesn’t like Chip(s).  Well kinda – he’s having this big feud with Chip at the moment so I’m guessing that means he doesn’t like ’em. (Chip a.k.a Chipmunk )



So, what are we gonna take away from this – it simple really – Too much Junk food is bad for you and lets not hang out with chip(s) too often!